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CM Equity Group's portfolio consists of a diverse range of real estate portfolios and technology companies. We carefully select investments that demonstrate high growth potential, strong market positioning, and exceptional management teams.

In our real estate portfolio, we acquire and manage a variety of properties, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use assets. Our strategic approach aims to maximize returns through property optimization, value-add strategies, and proactive asset management.

Within the technology sector, we focus on acquiring innovative companies that are at the forefront of industry disruption. Our portfolio includes technology firms spanning various domains, such as software development, SaaS platforms, artificial intelligence, and emerging technologies.

With a commitment to long-term value creation, we actively support our portfolio companies by providing additional resources, strategic guidance, and access to our extensive network.


Our collaborative approach empowers existing management teams while leveraging our expertise to drive growth and maximize potential.

Business Investments

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Tech Investment

Tech Investment

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Small Business Investment

Small Business Investment

Real Estate

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Warehouses & Land

Single Family Rentals

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